Breakfast is more important than you think!

breakfast is servedHey everyone, so I’ve come across a lot of people who complain they feel tired and have no energy in the morning and when I ask them have you had any breakfast today?…their answer is a very common one and it tends to be ‘No I didn’t have time!’…or I can’t eat breakfast so early I feel sick’. The problem is it’s not the best way to start your day and the biggest side effect of not eating breakfast is your brain has little energy as well as your body so you cant concentrate well. Research shows us that regular breakfast eaters tend to be slimmer (i.e boosts the metabolism), more health conscious and perform better on mental tasks compared to breakfast skippers.

What also happens when we skip breakfast more regularly is that to overcompensate for the lack of fuel you will start craving a lot more food during the day and some may be unhealthy choices like sugary or salty carbohydrate rich snacks. This may not be the case for everyone but majority of people will have these cravings and its best to keep your blood sugar levels stable when you wake up. If this sounds like you and you need some ideas how to include breakfast into your daily routine then read on.  If you do eat breakfast you can still read on to get a better idea of what I believe is a good way to start the day.

Once again I have created a new infographic as I feel that visually people take in information better this way rather than reading a very long post, because most of you may not have enough time to read them.

breakfast infographic

Before you go I’d love to to share with you all my own morning routine.

Upon awakening I drink a glass of warm water with half a lemon squeezed into it. Lemon water is a great detoxifier so its good to wait before eating anything straight after drinking it. Therefore I get ready for the day (generally 15 minutes) and will eat breakfast after 15-20 minutes upon drinking the lemon water. I also think that it is an excellent alternative to drinking coffee in the morning and tends to give me good energy.


The next step is having my porridge ready, which I usually arrange the night before adding porridge, chia seeds (you can also check my chia seed breakfast recipe here), coconut milk or almond milk, and then I add a teaspoon of some organic cacao powder (this porridge is my favourite when I include cacao), chia seeds, and I warm it up the following morning (2 mins max in microwave or small cooking pan). Finally I mix in some berries, pomegranate, stevia to sweeten the porridge, walnuts and almonds and there you have it! This keeps me going all the way till lunch time, check the photo below!

porridge healthy
My delicious cacao porridge all made in 5 minutes. 🙂

For any more tips, advice or breakfast recipes don’t forget you can comment below.

Enjoy and hope you take some of these tips on board. 🙂

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