The Amazing Benefits of Coconut Oil for health, healthy digestion, skincare and happiness.

Coconut oil in recent years has been prized as the the most popular superfood to have in your kitchen cupboard and known for it’s skin care and weight loss benefits. The saturated fat in coconut milk and oil is the closest thing in nature to a human mother’s breast milk.

However it used to get a bad rep for the high saturated fat content, but research keeps demonstrating to us just how good the medium chain triglycerides (MCTs) really are and why we may benefit from these fatty acids.

The MCTs which consist of 50% lauric acid are metabolized differently in our body going straight to our liver from the digestive tract, where they are used as a quick source of energy and as a result increasing fat burning in the body. The is why you may see a lot of fitness people use coconut oil products as a staple part of their diet as that energy source creates ketones which have fat burning properties.

Moving on, these helpful fatty acids have also been shown in several studies to have therapeutic effects on several brain disorders such as memory issues, Alzheimer’s, and epilepsy. Coconut oil may in fact be the best natural medicine for your whole body on the inside and outside.

The Kitavans population (island near Papua New Guinea) offers us excellent insight into the benefits of coconut oil whereby strokes and heart attacks are extremely rare in this island due to the high consumption of coconut products especially coconut oil, fruits, vegetables and fish (see study). Another study found that even the dietary supplementation of coconut oil (virgin coconut oil) improved cardiovascular health and reduced the risk of stroke by decreasing the fat lipids in the body (see study).



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